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PSI Tennessee LMC-Licensed Masonry Contractor Certification Package

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Includes the following books:


Reference material:
International Building Code, 2012, International Code Council,

ACI 530-13: Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures and Related Commentaries, 2013

Modern Masonry - Brick, Block, Stone, Clois E. Kicklighter, 8th edition (2015)

Code of Federal Regulations - 29 CFR Part 1926 (OSHA), with latest available amendments,

Indiana Limestone Handbook, 22nd edition, 2010,

Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings, Robert C. Mack, and John P. Speweik, October 1998

Cleaning Brickwork, June 2006, BIA Technical Notes on Brick Construction, Vol. 20,