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Fundamentals of Hydraulic Dredging Second Edition

Fundamentals of Hydraulic Dredging Second Edition

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This fully revised and updated edition presents the basic principles of hydraulic dredging in terms that are easily understood. One of the most widely used texts available on dredging, this book is nontheoretical and readable. New information on significant technical advances and environmental issues isprovided. Charts and data have been updated, improved, and simplified, but the fundamentals remain unchanged.

Theoretical topics include:

  • production rate calculation
  • dredge efficiency
  • hydraulic transport factors
  • maximum dredge production
  • suction line and digging depth
  • \horsepower vs. line length
  • production charts
  • dredge cycle
  • flow regime and friction
  • cavitation

Practical topics include:

  • selecting the dredge type
  • the cutter
  • the dredge pump
  • ladder and booster pumps
  • wear in pumps and pipelines
  • auxiliary equipment
  • instrumentation and automatic control
  • calculating and bidding the project
  • use of the personal computer
  • operation and troubleshooting
  • environment and the dredge

The book is intended for dredge operators, government agencies, and members of the legal profession connected with the dredging industry.

About the Author
Thomas M. Turner is president of Turner Consulting, Inc., based in Florida and a respected international dredging consultant. 

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