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Florida State Alarm Systems Exam Complete Book Set Highlighted

Florida State Alarm Systems I Exam Book Rental

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  • Includes highlighted and tabbed books
  • Alarm System I online course 
  • Business online course
  • 6 months of access to online course


This book rental package includes all the required books for the Alarm I Contractor and the Business open book examinations already pre-tabbed and highlighted to help you quickly and easily navigate through the books during your exam. 

*Please allow an additional 7-10 business days on tabbed and highlighted book package orders.*

Complete Set of Florida Alarm State Systems I Exam Books includes: 

  1. Florida Contractors Manual, 2017 
  2. Code of Fed. Regulation, Title 29 (OSHA) Parts 1926, 1910, 1904 
  3. NFPA 70-National Electrical Code, 2017 
  4. NFPA 72-National Fire Alarm Code 2019 Edition 
  5. NFPA 101-Life Safety Code 2018 Edition 
  6. Fire Alarm Signaling Systems Handbook, Bukowski & Moore, 4th Ed., 2010 
  7. Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems, 1999, 3rd Edition, William H. Trimmer
  8. Security: A Guide to Security System Design and Equipment Selection and Installation, 1992, 2nd Edition, Neil Cumming
  9. Telecommunication Wiring, 3rd Ed. 2001 


An “Alarm System Contractor” means a person whose business includes the execution of contracts requiring the ability, experience, science, knowledge, and skill to lay out, fabricate, install, maintain, alter, repair, monitor, inspect, replace, or service alarm systems for compensation, including, but not limited to, all types of alarm systems for all purposes. This term also means any person, firm, or corporation that engages in the business of alarm contracting under an expressed or implied contract; that undertakes, offers to undertake, purports to have the capacity to undertake, or submits a bid to engage in the business of alarm contracting; or that by itself or by or through others engages in the business of alarm contracting.

An “Alarm System Contractor I” means an alarm system contractor whose business includes all types of alarm systems for all purposes.
Requirements: To be a Florida Certified Alarm System I Contractor, you must be able to pass the trade exam and business exam, provide a proven record of financial stability showing a net worth of $10,000, and present evidence of your experience for the category in which you wish to be licensed. Applicants are required to have the following experience, which must be verifiable either by W-2s or DD 214s for military experience:
  1. Must have three (3) years of management experience in the trade of electrical/alarm/specialty contracting within the last six (6) years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or 
  2. Must have four (4) years of experience as a foreman, supervisor or contractor in the trade within the last eight (8) years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or
  3. Must have six (6) years of comprehensive training, technical education or supervisory experience associated with an electrical or alarm contracting business within the last 12 years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or must have at least six (6) years technical experience in electrical or alarm system work with the Armed Forces or a governmental entity within the last 12 years immediately preceding the filing of the application; or have a combination of these qualifications totaling six (6) years of experience; or
  4. Must be licensed as an electrical professional engineer for three (3) years within the last 12 years. Provide a copy of current electrical professional engineer license and transcripts showing electrical engineering work; or
  5. Must have a combination of experience listed in 1-3 above totaling 6 years within the last 12 years.
  6. The required experience must include at least 40% of work that is in fire alarm systems. *Note: you may submit a copy of your NICET Level III or higher certifications in lieu of job lists for Alarm Contractor I.
*For more information regarding licensing requirements, please contact a licensing consultant at 954-210-3030.