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Ceiling Systems Handbook ,CISCA, 19th Printing, 2012 revised 2019

Ceiling Systems Handbook ,CISCA, 19th Printing, 2012 revised 2019

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Newly updated for 2019! The authoritative guide to ceiling installation, safety, and tools for modern ceiling installation. A excellent resource for those new to the industry, educators, contractors, or anyone needing a detailed overview of proper, safe procedures for installing ceilings.

Each chapter contains a Learn Through Review section for those who wish to use it for training purposes. The Handbook also contains the updated CISCA Code of Practices which may be incorporated into a general contract as desired.



  1. Introduction
  2. Tools
  3. Construction Documents
  4. Safety
  5. Installation
  6. Exposed Grid Ceiling Systems
  7. Concealed Systems
  8. Drywall Grid Suspension/Traditional Framed Systems (new chapter)
  9. Metal Ceilings
  10. Wood Ceilings
  11. Stretch Ceilings
  12. Luminous Ceilings
  13. Sound
  14. Code of Practices/Glossary