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2011 Mastering the NEC - Residential Wiring Code DVD # 3

2011 Mastering the NEC - Residential Wiring Code DVD # 3

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The third DVD in the 2011 Mastering the NEC series, Residential Wiring Code is now available for individual purchase online. This vital DVD has been revised and updated with the National Electrical Code requirements that have changed.

Discover how the updated NEC codes relate to your residential wiring jobs as explained by Mark Shapiro, an electrical professor with extensive knowledge on the subject.

The 2011 Mastering the NEC series of DVDs offers visual instruction as well as practical explanations on the latest NEC Code changes that were made, and how you can apply them on the job.

Topics covered in the Residential Wiring Code DVD:

  • Introduction
  • Receptacles
  • “Small Appliance” Circuits
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor Receptacles
  • Clear Working Space
  • Electrical Services and Disconnects
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fan Boxes
  • Appliances
  • Physical Protection of N.M. Cables
  • Garage Separation
  • Existing Homes
  • GFCI Requirements
  • AFCI Requirements
  • Heat Tapes
  • Light Outlets
  • Article 406, For Receptacles

Designed to help electricians, designers, supervisors, contractors and maintenance personnel understand the NEC, Mastering the NEC 2011 DVDs can also be used to train and re-train electrical staff.