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Doctor Watts Datacom Book

Doctor Watts Datacom Book

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Product Details

The Dr. Watts Datacom Book is a quick reference guide created by author Mark N. Shapiro especially for those involved in the construction, inspection, cabling, and testing of datacom systems. The Doctor Watts Datacom Book is packed with informative and helpful tips, symbol explanations, clear illustrations, Code clarifications, tables, diagrams and an extensive glossary, all in a color-coded, tabbed format. The Datacom book reference guide is relied upon by data communications professionals throughout the country.

Although it is small enough to slip into a shirt pocket, the essential Doctor Watts Datacom reference guide is packed with detailed information. Contents include:

  • Detailed information on the construction of datacom systems, including common do’s and don’ts to watch out for, blueprint symbols, specifics on building a telecom room, guidelines for distance, conduit fill, raceway cables, bending radius
  • National Electrical Code articles and how they affect datacom projects, including a cable dictionary, cable substitutions, firestopping principles, information on grounding
  • Standard procedures for cabling, such as UTP cable categories, modular jack outlet connectors, patch and rollover cables, parallel and serial ports, color coding instructions
  • Testing specifications and guidelines, including twisted pair copper media
  • Comprehensive glossary